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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Alberto Campo Baeza, House of the Infinite in Cádiz

Conceived as an infinite stone block facing the Atlantic, the house built by Alberto Campo Baeza is located on the coast of Cádiz. The material chosen for the construction is Roman travertine marble, evoking the past of the zone and the archaeological site close by in Bolonia, a village of the town of Tarifa. Crowning the bold volume, a platform – perforated by stairs and a pool – serves as an observation deck, and by giving breathtaking views of the natural surroundings, becomes the house’s main lure. On the podium rise three side walls to protect it from the frequent strong winds of the place. Adapting to the sharp slope of the land, the residential program unfolds under the horizontal rooftop plane within a huge box 20 meters wide and 36 deep, excavating two stories after the first 12. The facades of the compact block are dotted with a series of flared openings.
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