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Monday, July 16, 2018
Arquitectura Viva 195 - MEMORIALS

‘Nueva Forma’, Editorial Utopia

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Book / Author: Lucía C. Pérez Moreno. ‘Fullaondo y la revista ‘Nueva Forma’’. Fund. Museo Jorge Oteiza, Alzuza, 2015. 380 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 188 - CHANGE OF CLIMATE

A Seminal History of American Art

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Book / Author: R. Gutiérrez, W. Rincón y F. Vela (Eds.). ‘Una empresa memorable de España hacia América’. Rueda, Madrid, 2015 264 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 174 - WOVEN WORKS

Architectural Bossa Nova. The Roberto Brothers

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Architect: Milton y Marcelo Roberto
Book / Author: Luiz Felipe Machado C. de Souza. ‘Irmãos Roberto, arquitetos’. Rio Books, Río de Janeiro, 2014. 272 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 172 - SECOND LIFE

Germán Samper’s City

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Architect: Germán Samper
Book / Author: Diego Samper (Ed.). ‘Germán Samper’. Diego Samper Ed., Bogotá, 2012. 255 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 161 - LOCAL KNOWLEDGE

Spanish Modernist Masterworks

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Book / Author: Enrique Domínguez Uceta. '100 obras maestras de la arquitectura moderna española'. Lunwerg, Barcelona, 2013. 171 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 160 - ITALIAN BEAUTY

Távora for the Initiated

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Book / Author: José António Bandeirinha et ál. 'Fernando Távora'. Casa da Arquitectura, Oporto, 2012. 455 páginas; Fernando Távora. 'Diario de a bordo'. Casa da Arquitectura, Oporto, 2013. 1400 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 157 - AN INDIAN JOURNEY

Complete Works

Ana Esteban Maluenda
Book / Author: Philip Jodidio. ‘Álvaro Siza. Complete Works 1952-2013’. Taschen, Colonia, 2013. 500 páginas
Arquitectura Viva 145 - COLECTIVOS

Propaganda moderna. Revistas de arquitectura

Ana Esteban
Book / Author: ‘Las revistas de arquitectura (1900-1975): crónicas, manifiestos y propaganda’. T6) Ediciones, Pamplona, 2012 / ‘Werk 6/62. Un retrato de España’. T6) Ediciones, Pamplona, 2012
Arquitectura Viva 133 - MÁS POR MENOS

La industria y sus objetos

Esteban Maluenda, Ana
Book / Author: Darley, Gillian. La fábrica como arquitectura. Editorial Reverté
Arquitectura Viva 81 - COHABITACIÓN EUROPEA

'Wendingen': artes gráficas y manifiestos

Esteban, Ana
Product / Company: Catálogo de la exposición sobre la revista alemana 'Wendingen' en el COAA Book / Author: Wendingen: una obra de arte. COAA
AV Monografías 206 - LAN AV Monographs
analyzes in each issue a theme related to a city, a country, a tendency or an architect, with articles by leading specialists complemented by commentary on works and projects illustrated in detail. Published bilingually, with Spanish and English texts placed side by side.
Arquitectura Viva 205 - AMERICA IMPORTS Arquitectura Viva
covers current topics, taking stock of recent trends in set sections: cover story, works and projects, art and culture, books, technique and innovation. From 2013 on, monthly and bilingual, with Spanish and English texts printed side by side.
AV Proyectos 86 - MVRDV AV Proyectos
is the third member of the AV family: a bilingual publication essentially focussed on design projects (with special attention on competitions and construction details), heretofore only laterally dealt with in the other two magazines.
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