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Monday, September 28, 2020

AV Monografías 74


XI-XII 1998


Luis Fernández-Galiano 
Madrid, Madrid 
The City and the Region 

Arquitectos sin ciudad 
Architects without a City

José María Ezquiaga 
La ciudad: pliegues y piezas  The City: Folds and Pieces 
Luis Fernández-Galiano 
Los arquitectos: generaciones y obras  The Architects: Generations and Works 
Kenneth Frampton 
La escuela: profesión y vocación  The School: Profession and Vocation 

Obras dispersas 
Disperse Works

Ayuntamiento de Valdemaqueda  Valdemaqueda Town Hall 
Ángela García de Paredes & Ignacio García Pedrosa 
Ayuntamiento de Serranillos del Valle  Serranillos del Valle Town Hall 
Francisco Domouso, Ginés Garrido, Emilio Rodríguez 

Casa de cultura de Guadarrama  Guadarrama Cultural Center 
Carlos Puente 
Centro cívico de Alcobendas  Alcobendas Civic Center 
Juan Carlos Sancho & Sol Madridejos 

Junta municipal de Latina  Latina District Council 
Fuensanta Nieto & Enrique Sobejano 
Centro de salud en Palomeras  Health Center in Palomeras 
Andrés Perea 

Centro deportivo en Valdemoro  Sports Center in Valdemoro 
María Fraile & Javier Revillo 
Centro de alto rendimiento en Moncloa  Training Sports Center in Moncloa 
Juan José Medina 

Viviendas entre medianeras en Vallecas  Urban Housing Blocks in Vallecas 
Beatriz Matos & Alberto Martínez Castillo 
Torres residenciales en Fuenlabrada  Residential Towers in Fuenlabrada 
Juan Ignacio Mera 

Bloque de viviendas en Arturo Soria  Housing Block in Arturo Soria 
Francisco Burgos, Justo Isasi, Alberto Pieltain 
Hilera de viviendas en Aravaca  Row Housing in Aravaca 
Atxu Amann, Andrés Cánovas & Nicolás Maruri 

Estación Sur de autobuses  Bus Station for the South 
Rafael Torrelo 
Terminal de carga en Barajas  Cargo Terminal in Barajas 
Equipo AUIA 

Ampliación del aeropuerto de Barajas  Extension of Barajas Airport 
Richard Rogers, Estudio Lamela 
Ampliación del Museo del Prado  Extension of the Prado Museum 
Rafael Moneo 

Luis Fernández-Galiano 
Madrid, futuro imperfecto  
Madrid, Future Imperfect 

Luis Fernández-Galiano

Madrid, Madrid

A double title for a half issue, for what else can we give a city that has lost its self-respect, degrading itself through vulgar muscular growth, unpublishable public works and thematic statues; a minimal issue, not because minimalism is a refuge of the young, but because few of Madrid’s constructions can rightfully be presented as works of architecture; and an intimate issue, because only deep within some peripheral landscapes does one find the sensibility and intelligence that can save a profession’s self-esteem. A paradoxical issue, finally, because it records the split between a vigorous city, a demanding school and a group of talented architects. 

Madrid, Madrid: city and region, because the lines between them have blurred and Madrid today is more in the outlying municipalities than in the central core; and because good architecture now tends to appear in the province’s remotest villages, spurred by enlightened regional entities, happily removed from the demands of picturesque triviality. 

Madrid, Madrid: uncertainty and hope, because the city has changed so radically as to resemble the new continent of America, America; and because this crucial transformation - whereby old certainties and landscapes are giving way to unprecedented panoramas for innovation and experiment - is at once a risk and an opportunity. 

Madrid, Madrid: affirmation and skepticism, because the city’s economic brawn cannot be expressed by the old chotis song that repeats its name: Madrid, Madrid, Madrid; and because the rejection of the castizo does not exclude the blended pride of an at once cosmopolitan and provincial, brilliant and absurd city, exasperating home to many of us. 

A double title for an issue of couples or duets; an issue repeatedly multiplied: 2 × 2 × 2 × 2; and an issue that resorts to the device of obsessive order to manifest its perplexity. Faced with an urban core bursting into a thousand fragments, a small group of painstakingly elaborated objects stubbornly pretending architecture’s continuity. Faced with a city whose tastes exalt folklore and tradition, a selection of abstract autistic pieces refusing to go with the tide. And lastly, faced with a metropolitan identity that leans on airports and museums, two divergent emblematic projects each of which marries technology and tradition in this Castilian town that feigns an American destiny.

AV Monografías 74 - MADRID, MADRID
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