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ESPAÑA, los 90

AV Monografías 79_80

ESPAÑA, los 90

IX-XII 1999

SPAIN, the 90s

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Los noventa   The Nineties

Europa, año cero   Europe, Year Zero
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Viviendas en la M-30, Madrid   Housing on the M-30 Highway, Madrid
Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza
Bodegas Marco Real, Olite (Navarra)   Marco Real Winery, Olite (Navarra)
Francisco Mangado
Polideportivo, Simancas (Valladolid)   Sports Center Simancas (Valladolid)
Iñaki Ábalos & Juan Herreros

La historia se acelera   History Accelerated
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Cementerio de Igualada (Barcelona)   Cemetery of Igualada (Barcelona)
Enric Miralles & Carme Pinós
Estación de Santa Justa, Sevilla   Santa Justa Railway Station, Seville
Antonio Cruz & Antonio Ortiz
Museo de Navarra, Pamplona   Navarra Museum, Pamplona
Jordi Garcés & Enric Sória

Annus mirabilis, annus horribilis
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Palacio de congresos, Salamanca   Convention Hall, Salamanca
Juan Navarro Baldeweg
Palacio de los Deportes, Badalona   Sports Palace, Badalona
Esteve Bonell & Francesc Rius
Puente del Alamillo, Sevilla   Alamillo Bridge, Seville
Santiago Calatrava

Campo de estrellas   Field of Stars
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Centro de arte contemporáneo, Santiago   Center of Contemporary Art, Santiago
Álvaro Siza
Casa de la Caridad, Barcelona   ‘Casa de la Caridad’, Barcelona
Helio Piñón & Albert Viaplana
Castillo de Ibiza   Castle of Ibiza
Elías Torres & José Antonio M. Lapeña

Vértigos finimilenarios   Turn of the Millenium Vertigos
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Estadio de atletismo, Madrid   Track and Field Stadium, Madrid
Antonio Cruz & Antonio Ortiz
Manzana Diagonal, Barcelona   Diagonal Block, Barcelona
Rafael Moneo & Manuel de Solà-Morales
Escuela hogar, Morella (Castellón)   Boarding School, Morella (Castellón)
Carme Pinós & Enric Miralles

Tres fiestas y un funeral   Three Feasts and a Funeral
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Ferrocarril metropolitano, Bilbao   Metropolitan Railway, Bilbao
Norman Foster
Sede del IMPIVA, Castellón   IMPIVA Headquarters, Castellón
Carlos Ferrater, Carlos Bento & Jaime Sanahúja
Viviendas sociales, Alcobendas (Madrid)   Social Housing, Alcobendas (Madrid)
Manuel de las Casas

Estaciones de tránsito   Seasons of Transit
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Museo de Bellas Artes, Zamora   Fine Arts Museum, Zamora
Luis Moreno Mansilla & Emilio Tuñón
Edificio de oficinas, Las Rozas (Madrid)   Office Building, Las Rozas (Madrid)
Jerónimo Junquera & Estanislao Pérez Pita
Juzgados de Mahón (Menorca)   Courthouse of Mahón (Menorca)
Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Vísperas europeas   European Eves
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Museo Guggenheim, Bilbao   Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao
Frank Gehry
Cementerio, Camarma (Madrid)   Cemetery, Camarma (Madrid)
Carlos Puente
Institutos de investigación, Santiago   Research Institutes, Santiago
Manuel Gallego

Memorias y mudanzas   Memories and Mutations
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Ampliación del Ayuntamiento, Murcia   Town Hall Extension, Murcia
Rafael Moneo
Biblioteca del Nou Campus, Valencia   Nou Campus Library, Valencia
Giorgio Grassi
Guardería infantil, Sondica (Vizcaya)   Nursery School, Sondica (Vizcaya)
Eduardo Arroyo

La globalización y sus descontentos   Globalization and its Discontents
24 edificios   24 Buildings
Kursaal, San Sebastián   Kursaal, San Sebastián
Rafael Moneo
Jardín Botánico, Barcelona   Botanical Garden, Barcelona
Carlos Ferrater, José Luis Canosa & Bet Figueras
Facultad de Derecho, Gerona   Law Faculty, Gerona
Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem & Ramón Vilalta

Argumentos   Arguments
Península pentagonal
  Pentagonal Peninsula
Ciudades del 92
  Cities of ’92
Almendra con guirnalda
  Almond with Garlands
Democracia sin formas
  Democracy’s Appearances
El aura del arte
  The Aura of Art
Almas de Barcelona
  Barcelona’s Two Souls
El espectáculo de los arquitectos
  The Spectacle of Architects
Ópera de Oriente
  Opera of the Orient
Pedagogía nacional
  National Pedagogy
Menos urbanismo y más urbanidad
  Less Urbanism, More Urbanity


Premios y pérdidas   Distinctions and Disappearances
Índice alfabético   Alphabetical Index


Luis Fernández-Galiano

The Nineties

In 1991, AV tried to sum up Spain’s architectural year through 24 buildings completed in the course of the corresponding twelve-month period. That issue never saw the light of day, but the idea crystallized the following year in the form of an annual that took stock of the most significant works of 1992, which we published independently of the magazine. The next year our almanac took on its definitive form, presenting the 24 best buildings of 1993 in a double issue incorporated into the AV collection, a formula we have maintained to the present. In all cases, detailed publication of the buildings has been preceded by black pages where, each with a photograph, a drawing and a telegraphic description making up a ‘project fiche’, the works are grouped in thematic chapters, in an attempt to orchestrate their inevitable diversity. The black pages of successive yearbooks are reproduced here, augmented by one for 1990, which we have constructed retrospectively, and another for 1999, which will form part of the next AV, ‘Spain 2000’. The result is a line-up of 240 works that endeavors to give a kaleidoscopic picture of the decade.

The ‘project cards’ are accompanied by a somewhat more detailed description of 30 selected buildings, prepared by Adela García-Herrera as ‘podiums’ made up selecting, with the advantage afforded by distance, each year’s three most important works. The black pages are in their turn preceded by general assessments that transcend Spanish architecture to cover relevant events in the international scene, using articles of mine that have since 1993 gone into the yearbook of EI País, before being reprinted in AV’s own yearlies. In two cases, however (1993 and 1994), I have chosen to use contemporary essays, originally published in the same newspaper, that offer more detailed accounts of said years; and the compendiums for the first three (1990, 1991 and 1992), have been expressly written for this issue, again with the benefit that a greater perspective provides, but also with the loss of immediacy that comes with the passage of time.

In the way of an appendix, this recapitulation of the decade includes ten texts that try to recall some of the arguments and controversies that shook the Spanish architectural scene in the nineties. With one exception (‘Cities of 92’, published in Revista de Economía), all first appeared in El País, and are now reproduced with no other changes than the minor adjustments that layout imposes. The vigor that Spain’s architectures sported during a period of dazzle and spectacle is celebrated in four colors, but debates in black and white throw an unavoidable shadow upon this otherwise perfectly happy picture, hopefully giving it the depth of field that a mere register of events and works lacks. Finally, it might be of interest to the reader to know that this synthesis of Spanish architecture in the nineties is being complemented by an ideological and esthetic world chronicle of those years, in a simultaneous issue of Arquitectura Viva entitled ‘The Digital Decade’.

AV Monografías 79_80 - ESPAÑA, los 90
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