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AV Monografías 104


House, Body, Crisis
XI-XII 2003


House, Body, Crisis

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Galería de sombras
Gallery of Shadows

Prólogo Prologue
Centón de colecciones  Cluster of Collections

La mirada del arquitecto y los escombros de la historia 
The Eye of the Architect and the Rubble of History

El desorden alrededor The Surrounding Disorder

Maneras de mirar Ways of Seeing

Elegía del ojo Elegy of the Eye

Visiones escépticas Skeptical Visions

Casa  House

Casas y contextos  Houses and Contexts

La vida elemental. Energía, habitación y territorio  
The Elementary Life. Energy, Dwelling and Territory

La Cabaña mutante The Mutant Cabin

Virus suburbano Suburban Viruses

Belleza americana American Beauty

Un planeta plano A Flat Planet


Contenedores y contenidos. El sueño doméstico  
Containers and Contents.The Dream of the House

Escenas del ajuar Domestic Scenes

El clásico simulacro Classical Simulacra

Contenedores a la deriva Containers Adrift

Sueños de diseño Designer Dreams

Ciudades del consumo  Consumer Cities

Paisajes urbanos. Geometrías del movimiento  
Urban Landscapes. Geometries of Movement

Agitaciones orgánicas Organic Agitations

Tiempos modernos Modern Times

Paisajes sobre ruedas Landscape on Wheels

Paradojas de la densidad Paradoxes of Density


Utopía y facsímil. Entre Babel y Disney  
Utopia and Facsimile. Between Babel and Disney

Utopías cooptadas Co-Opted Utopias

Ciudades temáticas Theme Cities

Cuentos de hadas Fairytales

El mundo según G. The World According to G.


Cuerpo  Body

Cuerpos concertados  Corporal Concert

Materia virtual. El desvanecimiento de lo físico  
Virtual Matter.The Fading of Flesh

Nueva Eva y nuevo Adán New Eve and New Adam

Desnudos intangibles Intangible Nudes

La figura en fuga The Fleeing Figure

Marcos y marcas Frames and Signs


El rebaño desnudo. Dolor y domesticación humana  
The Naked Herd. Pain and Human Domestication

Deconstrucción del dolor Deconstruction of Pain

Historias de la mano Stories of the Hand

Anatomías expuestas Exposed Anatomies

Holocausto animal Animal Holocaust

Catástrofes cabales  Calm Catastrophes

Lo accidentado y lo informe. Burbujas en el museo 
Accident and Formlessness. Bubbles in the Museum

Ficciones de fractura Frictions of Fracture

Catástrofe y exorcismo Catastrophe and Exorcism

Burbuja de bultos Bubble of Blobs

La moda del museo The Museum Fashion


Arquitectos en la pasarela. El espectáculo y la escala 
Architects on the Catwalk. Spectacle and Scale

Obras que se exhiben Works on Display

Arquitectos de papel Paper Architects

El autor y la audiencia Author and Audience

Estilo frente a escala Style against Scale

Crisis  Crisis
Crisis crepusculares  Crepuscular Crises

El rascacielos y el avión. Metáforas del 11-S 
The Skyscraper and the Airplane. Metaphors of 9/11

Fotogramas del horror Frames of Horror

Premoniciones y ecos Premonitions and Echoes

Duelo en las alturas Duel in the City Heights

Las formas del vuelo The Forms of Flight


Logos en pugna. Globalización y choque de culturas 
Logos in Conflict. Globalization and Cultural Clash

La lógica del logo The logic of Logos

Arquitectos de papel Paper Architects

Geografías del ocaso Geographies of Sunset

Luces y lápidas Lights and Gravestones

Colores de guerra War Colors

Códigos del conflicto  Conflict Codes

La imagen del otro. Comunicación y conciencia 
The Image of the Other. Conscience and the Media

La esfera de los mediosThe Media Sphere

Mujeres desveladas Unveiled Women

Occidente y el otro The West and the Other

Vestidos para morir Dressed to Die


Líderes, banderas, víctimas. Los límites del planeta 
Leaders, Flags, Victims. The Boundaries of the Planet

El gran juego de Asia The Great Game of Asia

Babel contra Babilonia Babel against Babylon

Levantando banderas Raising Flags

Identitades errantes Wandering Identities


Epílogo Epilogue
Cámaras corales  Choral Cameras

La historia sin fin y las multitudes del mundo 
Endless History and the Multitudes of the World

La multitud y el vacío The Crowd and the Void

Humanidad unánime Unanimous Humanity

Dinámica de grupos Group Dynamics

Espíritus y espectros Spirits and Specters

Luis Fernández-Galiano

Gallery of Shadows

Made up with slides of lectures and classes, this virtual patchwork of architectures, seductions and horrors is organized around three main themes: house and city; body and catastrophe; and crisis and conflict. The sections are built with the elementary unit of the double page, and with introductory texts for each four of them to lessen the monotony of the openings formed almost exclusively by images. In its structure, the printed issue evokes its academic origin and its material archive, because the frequent pairing of illustrations in the layout comes from the usual double projection in the classroom, and their grouping in the thematic cores of the double pages handles a number close to the twenty slides that fit in a standard plate. I have tried to let the images speak for themselves, and have written the texts only after designing the page layout. The predominance of the graphic discourse is an architect´s vice, but perhaps the art historians - from the Warburg of the atlases to the Wöllfflin of the parallel project - can also be held responsible for the parallel projection- can also be held responsible for the presentation method. The resulting density recalls the clutter of old painting cabinet, and that is why this text is illustrated with the Panorama of the Central Gallery of the Prado Museum, the 10 meter long photograph by Laurent carried out between 1882 and 1883 with 72 assembled shots, which could be seen using a rotary machine. Here, the strip of the Grafoscopio has been replaced by a sequence of frames, though weaved in a panorama of somehow similar continuity. With a title which evokes another monograph published over fifteen years ago - replacing the sweet dreams of the eighties with the bitter crisis of the millennium beginnings-, the thousand images of this gallery of shadows compose a discourse of the eye or against the eye, a record of the disorder of the times and perhaps also a melancholy cry for order.
AV Monografías 104 - CASA, CUERPO, CRISIS
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