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Monday, September 28, 2020

Arquitectura Viva 174


Textile vs Tectonic, Gottfried Semper Redux

Textile vs Tectonic
Dossier Structural Timber

The Master’s 80 Years
Mies van der Rohe Award
In Praise of Benidorm

G. Fanelli y R. Gargiani
The Cladding Principle

Interwoven Beacon
Shigeru Ban
Art Museum, Aspen

Golden Veil
Dominique Perrault
Grand Theater, Albi

Totem of Ropes
Pancorbo et ál.
Congress Center, V. Serena

Warp and Woof
Marco Casagrande
Art Installation, Wenduine

Metallurgic Knot
MASS Studies
Pavilion, Anyang

Organic Threads
Menges & Knippers
ICD/ITK Pavilion, Stuttgart

Art / Culture

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Homo Faber
Dialogue with Norman Foster

Deyan Sudjic
Matter and Memory
Archive of Herzog & de Meuron

Politics of Globalization
A Mexican Milestone
Architectural Bossa Nova
The Houses of Alberto Ponis
Modern Living

Technique / Construction

Francisco Arriaga
From Sawn to Laminate
Developments and Applications

Four Cases: From Japan to Switzerland

Pavilion, Hokkaido
Hostal, Quintero
Swimming Pools, Riehen
House for Elephants, Zurich


Naomi Klein
Capitalism and Climate

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