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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Arquitectura Viva 197


On the Waterfront
Mangado in Palma, Levete in Lisbon, Piano in Santander
Dossier: Artificial Lighting

Piano: First Spanish Work
Wright’s Archive Speaks
Selgascano in Plasencia
Kéré’s Serpentine
London Fire
Spain and Portugal Ablaze
Kassel, Athens, and Münster
Piedrabuena House
Forensic Architecture

Solid, Liquid, Gas
Three Examples:

Luca Molinari
Urban Matter
Francisco Mangado
Congress Center, P. de Mallorca

Andrew Ayers
Cultural Landscape
Amanda Levete / AL_A
MAAT, Lisbon

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Miracle in Santander
Renzo Piano
Botín Centre, Santander

Art / Culture

Paul Goldberger
Legacy for the Future
Foster Foundation in Madrid

Stanislaus von Moos
Streets in the Air
La UTEC in Lima

Jerusalem and Afghanistan
Cultures of Comfort
Anthropocene and Society Berlin and Madrid
Publications Received

Technique / Construction

Rosa Urbano
From Bulb to Bacteria
Lighting Challenges
—Environmental Impact
—Personalized Atmospheres
—OLEDs and LEDs
—Smart Control
—Design and Lighting
—Light of the Future


Luis Fernández-Galiano
Architect on Asteroid

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