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Ando, Ban, Ito, Sejima, Takamatsu, Taniguchi
I-II 1997
Japanese Immaterials. The stormy 'sea of signs' of Japanese cities is gradually quieting down. The end to a period of powerful economic expansion and the Kobe disaster have helped alter what was a vertiginous panorama. Architecture, up to recently a mere consumer commodity, now reflects the virtual dynamism of a new era governed by communication media. Witnesses to this change are Spanish architects with commissions in Japan: Alfredo Arribas, José Antonio Martínez Lapeña & Elías Torres, Enric Miralles, César Portela, Óscar Tusquets and Alejandro Zaera.   Kelly Shannon
Virtual Panorama
Japan: Heterodox and Posturban
V. Díez Faixat & J. Taira
Japanese Utopias
Traditional and Ephemeral
Seven Architects
From Marugame to Yokohama
Spaniards in Japan
Buildings: Projects and Realizations
Monument and Landscape. Indigenous tradition and that inherited by historic modernity are at the base of one of the tendencies dominating Japanese architecture, illustrated in the nude and metaphysical concrete forms of Tadao Ando, the serene monumentality of the new Shin Takamatsu, and the rigorous geometries and delicate details of Yoshio Taniguchi.   Tadao Ando
Nariwa Museum in Kawakami
Shin Takamatsu
Gotsu Community Center
Yoshio Taniguchi
Toyota Museum of Art
Contingent Constructions. Young architects break with the past and their buildings reflect the features of contemporary Japan: Toyo Ito, the master of this generation, experiments with the possibilities of architecture as a filter; Kazuyo Sejima incorporates city fluxes into her residential projects; and Shigeru Ban inquires into ephemeral structures.


  Toyo Ito
Yatsushiro Fire Station
Kazuyo Sejima
Six Residential Cases
Shigeru Ban
Four Light Structures
Books, Exhibitions, Personalities
  Art / Culture
Inhabited Sculptures.The exhibitions on the Rumanian Frederick Kiesler's 'environmental sculptures' and the French André Bloc's 'dwelling sculptures' are manifestations of the growing interest in the formless.   Luis Fernández-Galiano
Kiesler, From Ovum to Uterus
Jean-Claude Garcias
Bloc, The Fracture of the Block
Recent Past. The talent of the Asturian Joaquín Vaquero Palacios has been distinguished with the gold medal for Spanish architecture, an award that was already in the possession of Julio Cano Lasso, who passed away recently.   Antón Capitel
The Arts of Vaquero Palacios
José Manuel López-Peláez
Cano Lasso, 1920-1997
Sex and Architecture. Besides books dedicated to figures, episodes and buildings, publishers offer several texts which from a feminist viewpoint try to revamp the inherited world "that man builds and woman inhabits."   Focho's Cartoon
Corrales & Molezún
Various Authors
Interiors, Desing, Construction
  Technique / Style
American Urbanity.The huge convention center that Rafael Viñoly has erected in Tokyo provides a new venue for social contact in a city deprived of public spaces; and the two dancing office buildings that Frank Gehry has completed along the river Vltava with his peculiar artistic approach reinterprets the precious landscape of Prague's old quarter.   Rafael Viñoly
A Flagship
International Forum, Tokyo
Frank Gehry
Ginger and Fred
Offices for NN, Prague
Para terminar, inauguramos una renovada sección de productos, elaborada por Alberto Tellería, con un enfoque monográfico que puede resultar de mayor utilidad a los lectores interesados en las últimas novedades en cuanto a materiales y soluciones constructivas; y volvemos a Kobe con Tadao Ando para hacer balance de la recuperación de la ciudad dos años después del terremoto.   Products
English Summary
Japanese Immaterials
Tadao Ando
Flowers for Kobe
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