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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

AV Proyectos 78


Dossier Aires Mateus, Seven European works

Central Library and Municipal Archive, Lisbon (Portugal)
Architecture Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal)
Parque de los Cuentos Museum, Málaga (Spain)
Contemporary Art Center Olivier Debré, Tours (France)
Muslim Center, Bordeaux (France)
Architecture Faculty, Lovaine (Belgium)
Cantonal Museum of Photography / MUDAC, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Museum of the 20th Century, Neue Nationalgalerie

Herzog & de Meuron
Lundgaard & Tranberg
Bruno Fioretti Marquez
Aires Mateus
Staab Architekten
Beatriz Alés / Elena Zaera
Francisco Mangado
Mateo Arquitectura
Emilio Tuñón

León Convention Center, in Detail
Dominique Perrault
León (Spain)

Ernst Haeckel, Art and Science
‘Art Forms in Nature’

Christian Richter, Abandoned Architectures
Listening to the Swan Song
AV Proyectos 78 - AIRES MATEUS
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AV Proyectos 78 - AIRES MATEUS
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