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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Arquitectura Viva 205


Transatlantic Trajectories
Dossier: Green Facades

Vatican Chapels
Frampton, Golden Lion
OMA Prisms
Mecanoo in Taiwan
Herzog & de Meuron’s Curtain
Fujimoto, Terraced Babel
Three Spanish Projects
Moneo Brock: House Tec 205
Ten Years of Moneo’s Prado

Ten Experiences
Works from Madrid
Convention Center, Bogota
Historical Archive, Oaxaca
Domus Aurea, Monterrey
ICA Museum, Miami

Projects from Madrid
Coast Recovery, Miami
MALI Museum, Lima
Auditorium, Arequipa
Museum of Memory, Bogota

Works from America
Brazilian Embassy, Santiago
Magazzino Gallery, New York

Art / Culture
Josean Ruiz Esquíroz
Ephemeral Abstraction
On the Barcelona Pavilion

Xavier Monteys
Private Spaces
Loos Interiors

Thomas Hardy, Architect
Piano Before Piano
Tadao Ando, Monograph
Life and Work of Yamasaki
From White to Postmodern

Technique / Construction
C. Acha y E. Domínguez
Vertical Gardens
Road to Sustainability

—The Green Environment
—Hydroponics or Substrate
—Tradition and Innovation
—Future in Technical Code


Aniceto Zaragoza
In Praise of Cement

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